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I love my motherland

There is a beatiful country standing in the east of the world .She has red soil , big mountains,long rivers and hardworking people ,she is just like a diamond ,shinning all the time ,and she is my dearest country -------China !

I love my motherland !Because I love the different races of my country !Each race has its own culture and customs.Some people are kindhearted,some people are ggenerous,some people are humourous...anyway ,I can't display evry race of my country ,but what I want to tell you is that the Chinese people are great.Because of them ,our motherland is developing day by day .Our country is becoming much stronger tham before .

My country has so many great places of interest ,which is known not only to every citizen ,but also to the world .When the foreigners talk about China ,they all extend their thums and sayEn...China is a famous and fantastic country !Yes,that's ture ! We have the Great Wall ,the world's second longest river ,the oldest history and the most glorious culture .As wa all know ,China is one of the largest countries in the world ,when it is snowing in the north ,the flowers have come out in the south ,when the people in the south are enjoying the sunshine on the beach ,the people in the north are skiing on the ice .How marvelous it is !So now I can speak to the world loudly My country is really great !My country is really beautiful !


ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

i am chinese. i am proud of being a chinese with five thousand years of civilization behind. i’ve learned about the four great inventions made by our forefathers. i’ve learned about the great wall and the yangtze river. i’ve learned about zhang heng and i’ve learned about zheng he.who says the yellow river civilization has vanished?i know that my ancestors have made miracles on this fertile land and we’re still making miracles. who can ignore the fact that we have established ourselves as a great state in the world, that we have devised our own nuclear weapons, that we have successfully sent our satellites into space, and that our gnp ranks no. 7 in the world? we have experienced the plunders by other nations, and we have experienced the war. yet, based on such ruins, there still stands our nation----china, unyielding and unconquerable!

i once came across an american tourist. she said, “china has a history of five thousand years, but the us only has a history of 200 years. five thousand years ago, china took the lead in the world, and now it is the us that is leading.” my heart was deeply touched by these words. it is true that we’re still a developing nation, but it doesn’t mean that we can despise ourselves. we have such a long-standing history, we have such abundant resources, we have such intelligent and diligent people, and we have enough to be proud of. we have reasons to say proudly: we are sure to take the lead in the world in the future again, for our problems are big, but our ambition is even bigger, our challenges are great, but our will is even greater.

i am chinese. i have inherited black hair and black eyes. i have inherited the virtues of my ancestors. i have also taken over responsibility. i am sure, that wherever i go, whatever i do, i shall never forget that i am chinese!




我曾经遇到一位美国游客。她说:“中国的历史五千年,但美国只有200多年的历史。五千年前,中国率先在世界上,现在是美国,是的。 “我的心被深深感动了这些话。这是事实,我们仍然是一个发展中国家,但它并不意味着我们可以看不起自己。我们有这样一个长期的历史,我们有这样丰富的资源,我们有这样的智慧和勤奋的人民,我们有足够的值得骄傲的地方。我们有理由自豪地说:我们一定要带头世界未来再次,我们的问题并不是很大,但我们的目标就是更大,我们的挑战是巨大的,但是我们将是更大的。



whenever we see the flag, when hearing a loud "anthem", i always blood boil - i am chinese, i am legend of the dragon.

to see - the great wall, like a dragon, lying in between rolling mountains; to listen to - the surging yellow river water, a wave after wave, beat the shore, rock; look - kunlun mountains straight into the sky, unattainable.

tip of the snow lotus has taught us the purity of the sea breeze in the ruyan has taught us optimistic about the yellow river in szentendre taught us warm ... ... have a beautiful landscape of the motherland, who could have imagined that this beautiful country, but suffered a weathered, experienced the 1000 disaster difficult to do 100?

july 7, 1937, the japanese imperialists in order to soldiers are missing as a pretext to launch the marco polo bridge incident that shocked the world since then, the chinese people embarked on a difficult journey of war. one after another in an unequal treaty, so that china has become a great country from a fat sheep in a butcher’s block. eight-burned the summer palace, so that this world’s most splendid architectural transience into a scorched earth and rubble ... ...

however, any suffering of the chinese people are able to overwhelm us spine. october 1, 1949, chairman mao stood on tiananmen gate, solemnly announced to the world: the people’s republic of china was founded. since then, we have to erase the dark shadows and ushered in the brilliant glory. 1997 hong kong returned to the motherland; in  china’s successful accession to the wto;   shenzhou vi carried the dream of human exploration of the cosmos ... ... today, our country has become a world-renowned sports power, thoroughly wash the "east asian sick man, "a shame, so that the world’s admiration. you listen to 08 olympic games, chinese athletes have joyful cheers of victory; you can see, "dr. chen doll" sing "beijing welcomes you!" to the people of the world issued a sincere invitation to ... ...

any time, regardless of where they are, i am chinese, i am proud of. country in my heart, in your heart of the motherland, the motherland of every individual in our hearts.


hello, everyone. today you grateful?! there are many kinds of thanksgiving, for example, as i was in the song sings, we must be grateful parents, parents gave us life, education of our talent, so that today we are happy to work, happy life -- and it is the happy life, help me, to today's topic --" happy thanksgiving".

lamb kneeling milk love, crow regurgitation-feeding affection, always haunt me, cry, i think. as a new generation, we still need to advocate thanksgiving, thanksgiving has given us life and moral cultivation, health attitude, ahead of the happy life. inspired by this, i again see: winter night for my mother in the sewing, the 1000 hand-million lines woven i give, tears of excitement moment by condensation, i just want to love a sound: mom, you worked hard!

so grateful people would complain, he will live happily forever in love shining sunshine! in the face of the darkness, he will march forward courageously; in face of failure, he will yuecuoyueyong -- because he firmly believe that: as long as the sun, the shadows behind him; because he knew: there is no sunlight, no direction, no parents, no our wonderful life; no company, we will not work happy; no gratitude, the world will become cold and no longer cute ... ...

in fact, life is a mirror, you laugh it also laugh, you cry it is also crying. you are grateful to life, your life will be given to the sun; you blindly blame everyone and everything but not oneself, the result can only be all wasted! often with a heart of gratitude, can purify our hearts, to enhance our mind, to shape our character, to do a" advance despite difficulties, optimistic and hard work" happy tumbler; in this way, you can do: the encounter of love setbacks, do not give up; meet the frustrations of life, don't worry; meet work hardship, not afraid ... ...

in our heart a kind of thanksgiving mind, let the world be full of love flowers! thanksgiving so that we sincerely facing life, enthusiasm to others, frankly accept love. thanksgiving is not a reality escape, is also a kind of singing way of life, because it comes from a deep love and hope for life. grateful people must be beautiful, accept the gratitude of the people must be happy.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very glad to make a speech here. Today my topic is “I love you, China.”

Since the day I was born, I began to have a proud name—Chinese. Since the day I began to talk, the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever learnt has been “I love you, China!”

I love you, China, and I’m so proud of being a Chinese. I’m proud that I’ve got the beautiful yellow skin, black eyes and black hair. I’m also proud that I speak the most beautiful language in the world—Chinese.

I love you, China, for I can feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute. Last year, I got an opportunity to visit the United States of America. During my staying there, my father’s boss once invited my family to dinner. While at , he looked at me and asked: “Little boy, how long have you been in America?” “About a month,” I answered, “How lucky you are!” he said, “If you were living in China, how could you learn such perfect English?” I smiled and told him proudly that all the students in China are able to learn English at school. I saw his surprised eyes and said to myself, “I’m proud of you, China ”