| 曼萍



On behalf of my school holiday to all my classmates congratulations, I wish everyone a happy holiday!

I also take this opportunity to all the teachers to express my heartfelt thanks and highest respect. Your teacher is not only respected, it is hard gardener. Love your school such as home, such as sub-LOVE-sheng; diligent, hard working; teaching and selfless dedication. You create a beautiful environment, you create a good quality, for your development and growth of the School to create a good foundation and conditions.

Students, “61” you are most happy holiday, “61” is also our most happy day. Since:

You are the baby home, it is the hope of home. Happiness can you grow up on the home is full of singing and laughing. Children are your schools, it is hoped that the School. You can develop a comprehensive school full of vigor and vitality. You are the future of society, it is the community‘s aspirations. You can harmonious development of society on the passion and friendship. The flowers are your homeland, it is the hope of the motherland. You can grow up healthy and strong, full of beautiful homeland and hope.

I hope the students: a civilized, studious, independent, co-operation. Study Institute, Institute of Living, learning life, learning to create. As rich as an adult sense of responsibility, rich sense of mission, a dignified life, serious work, study happily, growth. Love for the motherland, love the party, love the people, love nature, love life, love science, love learning, love of labor. Cherish life, cherish the time and treasure friendship, cherish the opportunity to study and development. Show concern for the environment, concerned about the collective, caring for others. Dear teachers, classmates United, courtesy others; distinguish between right and wrong, identify the beauty and ugliness, man of integrity. Make an ideal long-term, dignified behavior, learning and good mental and physical health of the successors of the communist cause.

I hope teachers: work, love health, rigorous inquiry. Comprehensively implement the party’s education policy, teaching, education simultaneously Friday. Firmly establish a sense of service, quality awareness and quality consciousness. For every student, an educational treasure every opportunity to better each lesson, do everything to promote the health of every student, harmonious, all-round development. Of life for the students lay a solid foundation for development.


child will be the national future host, therefore, how to provide the child a good family, the society perhaps the learning environment, is goal which various countries will devote. in August, 1925 convened in the Swiss Geneva about in child welfare's international conference, proposed “the International Children's Day” for the first time concept. this congress has 54 national loving care child representatives, gathers holds “the child happy international congress” in the Swiss Geneva, "Safeguards Child Manifesto through Geneva". In the manifesto, proper enjoys, deprived child's relief, the child danger work regarding the child spirit to avoid, the child making a living opportunity acquisition, as well as how to rescue raises questions and so on child, has the warm discussion.after will be inferior from now on the congress, so as to the one hand the inspiration child, lets the child feel happiness, joyful, on the other hand also to cause the society to take seriously with to cherish, various countries' government successively schedules “the children's day”。




Parents, comrades, friends:


In the "six one" children's Day is approaching, the city women's Federation and the Education Bureau held in the century square to celebrate the 'six one' activities, I think this activity is very good, very unique, very meaningful. Here, I on behalf of the municipal Party committee, city hall to extend holiday greetings of the children, I wish the children happy holidays!


The cause of children is an important aspect of our city's economic and social development. The promulgation and implementation of nineteen ninties child development planning, the city children's education to raise the general level, children's health continued to improve, to further protect children's legitimate rights and interests, child survival and development environment is optimized. Take the opportunity, I to the child workers, party and government organizations at all levels and all circles of the society to make a contribution to promote the development of children's cause our heartfelt thanks!


Children are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation. Today is tomorrow's pillars of seedling. Facing the new century, facing the economic globalization, informatization, make a spurt of progress of science and technology, new knowledge economy era is quietly rising competition and talent more intense, hope the kids love the motherland, advocating science, study hard, bold innovation, make ideal navigation for life to you, let the knowledge to add strength for you, fight for the realization of the the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation inspirational.


The family is the first school for children, parents are the first teachers of the children, is the specific practice of family education, cultivate children, is the sacred duty of every parent to shape a child's. Hope that the city's every parents set up "for the country to teach children, moral education" concept of family education, improve education quality, master tutor knowledge, guide the children with lofty aspirations, feed the children with extensive knowledge, with the noble sentiment influence children, cultivating talents for the country's modernization.


A child is a family of hope, thousands of children is a national hope, let us start from now, starts from oneself, to firmly establish the "to development, first leader" thought, raise our children to become a strong physique, a noble morality, a sound character, advance the spirit of modern qualified citizens! Traditions in our city children, adhere to the basic principle of "children first", establish a "love the children, children's education, set a good example for the children, do good" for the children's sense of responsibility, the party and the government and all sectors of society to pay more attention to the survival and development of children, the solitary trapped the vulnerable groups concerned about them, love them, support them, help them, make them with the other children grow up healthy, to mobilize all the forces, the full implementation of "children's development plan (2001--2005)" goals and tasks, and make new contributions for the development of the cause of children in our city.


Finally, I wish all the parents work smooth, good luck in everything, I wish all the little friends healthy and happy, an early talent!



If someone asked me: "three hundred and sixty-five days a year, the day that you most happy?" I will be proud to say "six one." Think of the "six one" day, like the mouth eat honey.


The morning after the two, we began to celebrate "six one". We started to play the first game. The rules of the game are: the teacher let us draw, draw what is what, if used to "no", is nothing. Small strong to a good start, got "a chicken rolls", be jubilant to retrieve the food. I secretly wish I could be like small strong so lucky. The students are waiting anxiously, finally my turn, I drew a "jealous", I reluctantly took the stage, the teacher began to pour a half cup, the students shouted: "pour, pour point, so the teacher" and fell less half a cup of vinegar, get when my hand while shaking, but I'm still a drank it, wow, good uncomfortable! Some of the students are willing to eat garlic. I drank vinegar, heart like fire burning, but I am very happy.


Afternoon, the teacher is away on business. Our monitor and vice monitor the activities of the organization, however, do not want to play can play chess. The first game was blindfolded touch nose, there are several students don't touch me, touch for a while, finally I only touched the half a nose, touch monitor said half a nose not, I request monitor count me in, in the strong convince my, monitor says helplessly: "you win!" I have a joy of victory. The second game is a friend first touch, blindfolded, if touch on win. I said Pang, feel some are not, because I remember a pang of front teeth have a very wide gap, I won. The third is the chair......


"Six one" the day I really very happy.



Distinguished guests, dear parents, teachers, dear friends:


Good morning, boys and girls! In this bright and sunny, brilliant purples and reds of the day, we have a feeling of joy here have a joyous gathering, celebrate the children's Festival -- the international children's day.


In this festive day, I represent the little emperor kindergarten all the staff of teachers I wish the children happy, healthy growth. Thanks to sit on the guests and parents and friends to express our warmest welcome and most sincere, because you came here today, not just to watch the children's performances, the most important is you on the growth of children's attention, focus on education, but also for our preschool education attention, because with your support and cooperation, tolerance and understanding, we can develop the preschool education career. Thank you for the preschool education career concern and support, thank you for the love of friends, let us work together to take up the responsibility to cultivate the flowers of the motherland, let the children have a blew tomorrow. At the same time also wish happiness, all the kids Festival health, grow sturdily.


Children are the flowers of the motherland, the hope of the nation, every parents want their children to have a colorful, happy childhood. Since our kindergarten was founded, we always adhere to the "all for children, for all children" as our purpose of running kindergarten; healthy, smart, confident for our training goals; to create a self development space for the children; in the meantime, we continue to invest capital, improvement of teaching facilities, improve the quality of teaching, make all-out efforts, do a good job of due diligence work in each, to return to society, return the parents.


Today, I want to say to our children: Dear children, today the sunshine, the blue sky today, today, today the flowers, grass is the best wishes for you, wish you happy growth.


Because of you, the mountain is endowed with life, water is the spiritual.


Would you like a bird, fly freely in the vast sky; would you like a fish, enjoy swimming in the clear water; because of you, the sun is so bright, the cloud is so beautiful, life is so colorful.


Friends, today our children will debut, exhibition grace, his talent. Among them, the children grow and progress; the teachers of the effort and sweat, but also embodies the parents' enthusiasm and hope. Parents and friends, let us out of his hands warm applause for the children, for children to go! Let singing and smile always, let blessing and happiness. Let the beautiful dream set sail from here! Finally, I wish the six one performances can be a complete success! Thank you